Erasmus Training Centre (ETC), formerly known as the Erasmus Taalcentrum, based in Jakarta, provides skill training and language & culture courses to enhance student & academic mobility between the Netherlands and Indonesia. ETC serves also as a meeting platform bringing Dutch and Indonesian professionals academics and researchers together through joint workshops, seminars and lectures.

The centre was re-opened officially on 13 February 2017 by the former Dutch Minister of Education, Dr. Jet Bussemaker and initiated by 4 Dutch universities (Leiden, Groningen, VU Amsterdam and NHL Stenden) as well as the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Indonesia and Nuffic NESO Indonesia.

Our Students

Our students are from all over Indonesia, many of those are representing the so called millennial generation who want to study in the Netherlands. Other ETC-students, are mostly office workers, professionals and housewives who plan to stay in the Netherlands for a longer period (more than 90 days) because of their family or work. Apart from adults, ETC runs also a children program (8-14 years old)

Our Teachers

Our teachers are professional, dedicated and enthusiastic. They can facilitate, lead, organize, asses and manage the students of different backgrounds age & capabilities. On many occasion in which the ETC-houses special courses foreign/native teachers are flown in to complement the ETC teaching staff.


Our language courses offered at ETC are varied & tailored to the needs of our students from various backgrounds and/ or profession (taught in groups or private special classes). But we offer also regular classes (3 semesters per year).

Supported by our highly qualified teachers & up-to-date teaching methods we teach and train students to master various competences (listening, writing, speaking and reading) of the Dutch language.

Our Facilities

All our classrooms are comfortably furnished, air-conditioned & well-equipped. The ideal learning environment for students to succeed in their language learning.

In addition, ETC offers practical, fully equipped (availability of whiteboards, projectors and audio equipment) training rooms for events, seminars and workshops to match the requirements of your event.

For more information, please contact us: [email protected]