ADVANCED 2 - Saturday Morning Class - ONLINE COURSE

Semester 1

Location: Zoom meeting

Start: February 27, 2021
End: May 08, 2021

Class Days
Saturday: 08:00 — 13:00

Price: IDR 2,400,000


After completing Advanced 1, you can continue to Advanced 2 with a total of 50 contact hours. At this level, you will finish the Help 3 textbook. You will be trained to reach level B.2 (based on the CEFR). You will be expected to be able to hold long conversations and respond to questions from your interlocutors in Dutch. You will also be expected to follow and understand a text and answer questions about it. Furthermore, you will also be expected to be able to fill in various forms and write a report or an official letter.



Minimum 15 years old or 10th grade of high school.