ADVANCED 1 - Saturday Afternoon Class - ONLINE COURSE

Semester 1

Location: Zoom meeting

Start: February 27, 2021
End: May 08, 2021

Class Days
Saturday: 13:00 — 18:00

Price: IDR 2,750,000


After completing the Intermediate levels, you can proceed to Advanced 1 and 2 levels with a total of 100 meeting hours. At this level, you will use the Help 3 teaching material. You will be trained to reach level B.2 (based on the CEFR). You will be expected to be able to hold a long conversation and respond to questions from your interlocutor in Dutch. You will be able to follow and understand a text and answer questions about it. Furthermore, you will also be expected to be able to fill in various forms and write a report or an official letter.



Minimum 15 years old or 10th grade of high school.