BASIC 1 - Tuesday & Friday Evening Class - ONLINE COURSE

Semester 1

Location: Zoom meeting

Start: March 05, 2021
End: May 04, 2021

Class Days
Tuesday: 18:00 — 21:00
Friday: 18:00 — 21:00

Price: IDR 2,750,000


The Basic 1 level in the regular programme is intended for those who have no knowledge of the Dutch language. The course, over a total of 50 hours of sessions, is taught communicatively and interactively by Indonesian ETC lecturers. The languages of instruction in the classroom are 80% Indonesian and 20% Dutch. The main textbook used is Help 1. During the course at this level, you will learn to communicate in Dutch in everyday life situations, such as introducing yourself, asking for or providing directions, shopping, etc. Listening and speaking skills receive more attention. In addition to the class, speaking and training activities are also carried out in a computer laboratory that we provide specifically for course participants.



Minimum 15 years old or 10th grade of high school.